Today’s Mental Health Monday topic was suggested by one of my many amazing supporters, family, and friend Nadine.  A group of us were able to get away for a week this summer and we were discussing possible Mental Health Monday blog topics when she said, “We have to try and break up our normal routine every once in a while. We are always doing the same thing.  It gets old.”


And I could not agree more.


Too often we do the same things every day for so long that we start to go on autopilot.  We stop enjoying our time.  We start to feel sucked into life like it is running us instead of us living to the fullest as we should.  This goes for everyone, not just people with mental illness.  But I will say it is especially for people with mental illness.  You do not have to be ashamed of getting away for a little while.  It is part of the healing process. Do not think that because you do not have a career yet, you may be on disability, you take medication, or you go to a doctor or therapist you have to sit in a room and wait until you get better to have an ounce of fun?  That does not make any sense.  I am not saying go to Vegas and throw it all down, but you definitely deserve a week by the water, some camping at a State or National Park, or maybe a long weekend up in the mountains.  Even a day trip will help you feel refreshed and new.  Get away from television and the interweb and go out and be one with nature.  Feel everything slow down.  Let go of all the burdens that you carry for others.  It is time for you to take care of you.  Those of us with mental illness have a hard enough time dealing with our own issues, let alone deal with all the problems of the world via the news.  Our generation has the ability to learn faster than any other generation that came before us.  We must make the choice of whether we will take in the positives or the negatives.  I think we are all better off leaving the negatives behind and focus on ourselves.  When we become the best version of our self we are making the ultimate contribution to society.  Sitting around filling our brains with shock news about the hottest celebs, extravagant homes, or war torn countries will get us nowhere.  The only pop-up advertisement I want to see on my free time is the occasional bird flying by, and maybe a squirrel or chipmunk passing through.


Okay, back to taking a vacation.  If you do not have a car, yes you can take a train or a bus almost anywhere.  I love the rides the best.  A few hours of just myself, some music, or a good book are great for the mind and soul. You will be amazed at how refreshed you will feel.  You will come back feeling energized, focused, and ready to start growing again.  Who knows, maybe it will help you find some answers and direction?  Be open, be willing to learn and there will be no reason for stress or anxiety.  I wish you all the best.  Here is to a peaceful and positive week. Safe travels!






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