Everyone is happy.
Everyone is healthy.
Everyone is safe.
Everyone is grateful.
Everyone is in love.

Every so often I need to take a moment to sit down
Breathe in
Look around
Feel the air
It is so light
Leaves in the wind 100 feet above the river
The only sound
The only sight

Every single one of my cells smile

All at once
They all calm down

Every tree
Every flower
Every blade of grass gives out life

I read somewhere that every single person in this world has as many Angels as there are grains of rice
It is up to you if you believe it
However the older I get
The less I think twice

Every single second I feel ease
I feel harmony

This life is alright

In fact
I take that back
It is pretty nice

The addiction
My only vice

Destination; Life
I am on the next flight

I am grateful for this minute
I am grateful for each day even if it has not come yet or it is hiding deep in the past

I appreciate everyone that I have ever known
I love them all
I am inspired by them all
Even if things did not end well
I learned more from each person than I ever did in any class

Take your time
There is nowhere to be except here

We will get to see everything we want to see
There is no need to feel anxious or go fast

Today I decided that I will only write beginnings
Even when it feels like the end

I breathe in
I release

And again
And again
And again…

There is no line
The tickets are free

Destination; Life

Won’t you please accompany me?



2 September 2016


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