Will somebody please hand me the key
To unleash the peace inside of me

We can turn our head toward the sun
Breathe in
Daydream of Summer nights
Spring everything
Autumn air
A light winter snow
Until the confusion is done
The sarcasm and cover ups are over

They always ask
Who created time?
The only burden in my life

I would love to hear them sing a song of real and unconditional love
I think it was an underground avant garde jazz piece that came out in 1951

It didn’t need lyrics

The muffled horn section and off beat was enough to say it all
Your starry eyes watch from above

And if I try to tune to you
Could we stay in sync
It is a little early I’d rather not drink

It is harmony we need

I’d rather not think
I’d rather not
Do anything

And if I fall to pieces
Free falling
We finally realize that being head over heals in lust is the same as
Tumbling down a mountain
Bills pile up
Prices rise
Unemployment soars
Stocks crash
Commercials about alcohol and Rx’s
Late night infomercials about rehab
Buying books
And finding purpose
Have taken over all the ads
Why did I stay up all night every night
I should have ceased feeding into anything that threw me off
Or got me mad
27 years without a dream
I lost every friend I ever had
It happened so fast

I never had a free second to feel sad

To be Sad

Every second is the only thing I was counting
Calculating all that when answered according to formulas and math
Is even more confusing

So I open the newspaper
It finally reads
Every creed has the same creator


We now interrupt the first good thought you have had

Breaking story
It is all about one day that happened 15 years ago
And how nobody had ever felt so loved except all the one’s that lost a piece of their home
Their existence
Their childhood
Their partner
Their best friend

Their rock
Their soul

I stop here for a moment of




Sometime’s when I write I get a little choked up

I still haven’t found anyone in the real world yet that allows me to be emotional



Because I feel for you
And your family

I seriously love you
I pray for you
I love you all

A divided society quickly turned into 6 months of the most Caring
Giving place anyone that the history of mankind had ever known
Where did it go?

There is a difference between learning and moving on

Versus covering the memory up and steam rolling forward

The heart
The wisdom
The soul

Where did it all go?

It felt like less than a year after September 2001
Compassion disintegrated with the money that was lost
Maybe for the richest
But not here on the ground
The frontline
The working man
All the brave that ran straight into a war of unknowns
The honest people still had to fight harder as they carried these weights to school or their job

Or just try to pry themselves out of bed every morning
Then had to bury their cries deep inside their hearts before they got home
We were overflowing
We were exhausted
We were lost
We needed help

I put this all on myself

But I needed someone

Where did all the support go?

Where did it go?
I keep my mouth closed but I think
The rest of us are sick of it

My wrists will no longer take the brunt of it

Cut me from these lines
Shock news about ignorance used to ignite my mind

No doubt that you will forget to call

Write back to my note

On the side

They may even be laughing at this post

Even though I could not directly hear the complaints

I could feel them all


I stay grounded

And connected

There were so many

“I told you so’s”

“You’ll never get it’s”

“Look at how he’s lost it’s”

Coming my way that and army of Angels could not deflect them all

Then they put me away


For etching reminders on my arm and wall


But we did not fall

We did not fall


And when I come crawling back to you
Would you be my wave
Feet on the ground but you knock me down again
And again
And again

And if I fall to pieces
Do not sweep me up

Spread me out for the world to see
The sun reflects the infinite love off of me
I think something Eternal and Sacred wants us all to choose to be forgiving


And free

You and I
We will use the past as a bridge
We will use the past as our lesson
We will use the hate

As inspiration

We will save ourselves

No one can or will ever take this

We are only here
To be calm
And giving

“Giving?” They ask

Now everyone is listening.

Because sometimes we just want to feel like a kid again

And if you fall to pieces

I will do anything
I will do everything
To pick you up again

I will do everything I need to do
To pick you up again




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