My aura is uplifting.
My cells are uplifted.
My DNA uplifts me.
I keep focused
I am motivated
Nature lives just to heal me

Life is not a mystery
It is a path
I walk along
I may fall
But I jump right up
Brush myself off

I move on.

I never let 1 day break me
It is one fraction of the love that fulfills the bulk of my story
My heart is full
My surroundings feel okay but I feel like sometimes they will never fully understand me

I wake every day
Thank you to all that is Good in this world
It is you that has saved me
Your smile
Your prayer
Your letter in the mail

You have saved me
Because of you I decided that maybe I should save me

You believed in me when nobody else would take me

I have nothing physical to give you except that I am the most loyal person you will ever know

Maybe I can try to be there a little more
It is hard
But I am trying

Yes I know.

I do not forget a friend
I will keep this open
Even if we do not speak for 10
20 years
Or what may feel like eternity

If you come crawling up my yard at age 75 without a dollar
A home
A love of your own

I promise to let you in
Get you dressed
A warm meal
A cup of tea
And we can find a way to refill all of the direction you lost
All the plans you gave up on
We can tether you back to hope

No one deserves to be alone

Love everyone
Love yourself
You will not feel alone

If you need to talk
If you need a hand
If you need anything
If you ever need anything

It is the year Two Thousand and Sixteen
There are infinite ways to get through to my phone

21 October 2016


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