Dear Carrie,
I had been meaning to write this letter to you
I saw a beautiful soul talking about bipolar
I think it was on the tele-radio something whatever
She looked a little familiar
But I never really cared what show, movie, band, or program the famous people came from
I just see a person that gets used over and over
Paid a ton to be abused
Forced to hide and lock their self up in a room
Until they get called that they need to take a limo over to the next viewing
Cameras flash
Stories fly
They come in droves
Quickly the copywriters lie
The stories fade
On the internet they finally come to die
And I wonder how anyone can do it?
And I wonder why the tabloids, media, and paparazzi have no heart
Little minds
Lack of conscience
False intuition
Dirty Money
Wasted time
Someone else is really never my interest
Never my concern
Never my business
Every time someone sings entertainment news to me



I hope that with all of my heart, body, and mind that you can finally feel the peace that I have been trying to send you
You deserve this feeling
At least for a second
It is not fair that those of us that live with this dis-ease never get to feel any of this
While the rest of the world steals love and they are drowning in it
Flaunting it
Hating it
Complaining about it
And constantly throwing it in our faces
And wondering why we don’t join them
They keep blaming us
I am so tired

I am

I cannot believe you were one of the first ones to open up
I cannot thank you enough
I feel a little less shame
A little less blamed
A little less alone
A little less hated
I wish that I could write a letter to everyone in the world and try to send them the love that they deserve
However everyone says that that is my weakness

I care too much

And in 2016…

This is a weakness
But if you ask me it is a hell of a lot better than not caring at all
What the…?
A little nurture
A little comfort
I guess I’ll write it down on a vision board
Until someone finds the rest of the world a cure
And I will stay right here
I will be patiently waiting for it

So now is the part where I try to turn it all around
As if something good has come of this
I pray that tomorrow they are not dancing in the streets with light sticks
Reciting lines
Or buying tickets
Rather praising you for being an American girl
Heart on her sleeve
At one time she owned the world
And right now you are the queen of all the people just like you and me
You are our hero
You are our Universe
We all share that common strand of DNA that is embedded deep into our souls

I take comfort in knowing that you are now okay with everything and that maybe now everyone can get through this wall that was built around people like you and I
You took down that wall
Now all we have to do
Is walk through it


Think about this.

Now all we have to do is walk through it.

I hope you feel accepted
I hope you forgive yourself
I pray that you feel free
I pray that you are okay with you

You have always been enough for me.
You have always been enough for those of us that understand what you went through
Please keep guiding us
And know that we are all supporting you
God speed kid
Continue to lead us
And we will continue to thrive

Your fire
Your spirit
It has never been more alive

Dear Carrie,
I had been meaning to write this letter to you
Because of your strength and courage
Our fight will be over soon

28 December 2016
Joseph S. Fusaro


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