I am ready for a new beginning

So here is the first-third of my life’s end

I am finished forcing life

I am done forcing plans

I am never burdened by the gifts and lessons each day gives me

I promise myself that I will embrace this moment

And every moment.

I will try my best to see my life through a magnificent and clear lens

I can not waste my time worrying about time

For time is not natural or sacred
It is a means of control

And in most instances

A lie

We are all here to be different

How boring would life be if we all followed the same story
The same plan

Change of season is the only real measure of time
Yes, of course the sunrise

And lastly
The sun falling into the west each night
You can argue all you can


Please allow me to remind you
The first clock
Was created
By man…

I will not create anxiety about my future

I refuse to carry around any depression from my past
From this moment forward

I will enjoy my days a little more

Having all the faith I can

That my life is always

In the Universe’s hands

This is the Season that I have learned to let go
I am a little uneasy
I am a little humble
I am a little excited
I am a little unsure
I am a little terrified
I am a little confident
And yes, just like everyone
Maybe a little scared

Guided by trust and belief in all that is good on this Earth

I can rest assure

My life is in the Universe’s hands

Welcome to the beginning my good friend

Leave your troubles back at
The end

Joseph S. Fusaro

9 February 2017


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