The odds are in my favor

The odds are in our favor

About .0014% of people publish their book in a given year.

I am in good company.

Thank you God for these odds.
Thank you God for this strength.
Thank you resilience
Relentless awareness
My heart
My hand
My gut
My mind
My senses
My perception
My conscience
The change of season
Especially Autumn and Spring
My will
My faith
My love
My mistakes
My losses
My gains
My angst
My anxiety
My ability to step back
And refrain

Thank you paper.
Thank you earth.
Thank you ink.
Thank you pen.
Thank you tree.
Thank you inspiration.
Thank you readers.
Thank you to all of the writers, poets, philosophers, scientists, romantics, and thinkers that came before me.
Thank you Universe for my passion, strength, and abilities.
Thank you to everyone that I have ever met in my life.
I have a little piece of all of you in me.

Now set me free

Dear Dear Dear Universe

I am ready

Set me free


That’s right
How could I forget

My freedom was always here

It was patiently waiting
Deep deep down inside of me

I am free

19 February 2017


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