I accept you
I will never judge you
I will never doubt you
I will never fear you
I will never hurt you
I will never feel threatened by you
I will never be jealous of you

Nor should you feel any of these emotions because of me too

I will never try to weaken you
I will never stop you
I will never attempt to break you
I will never blame you

I will never
Try to take your spirit for life or your name away from you

I will never steal your health
Or love

I will never attempt to take any of these actualities of grandeur away from you

I will never underestimate you
I will never lose faith in you
I believe in you

So please
Stop worrying

Release the fear
Turn off the anxiety
It turns into river water
It rolls off your shoulders
Dissolving salt together with similes and metaphors
Drips off your fingers back into the Earth

The realization occurs

We do not need to compare our lives with one another anymore

The race ended long ago
Do less
Just be
More of you

I give you permission to set yourself free

Hey you
Yes you

This is the truth
I just needed to take a few minutes to give it to you

12 March 2017



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