Dear Gratitude

Dear Gratitude


I am _______ ________.
I thought that maybe I should write you

Everything is okay
I simply
Do not know what else to do

Overall I think I am a good person
Of course at one time I was a fool

Maybe you could introduce me to an Angel
One that can help me start anew
One that can keep me from falling back into my clouded thoughts
And help me color in the rest sky blue

I am thinking way ahead of myself again
I can stay on the ground
I can keep pushing through
I would not want to skip too many steps
Because our hearts are meant to be in tune

Sometimes patience feels like the end of the world
I have become so complacent

On the upside
I still keep finding words
And I keep praying that you can relate to them

Whenever I feel like I am coming apart and start to take off from the earth

I look down at the ground
And imagine myself surrounded by soft sounds
And attaching to the dirt with my roots

Dear Gratitude

Can you hear me

I think

I need you too


30 January 2016 (12:27pm)


The Past Turned Into You

The Past Turned Into You

This is the last goodbye to the one’s that drag me around

This is the last time I am going to feel the fishing hook that has been attached between my lower back and my right side

I clipped off the end and now I push it through

And when it pierces out I immediately feel free

Detached from their lies and inside of this truth

My mind and aura are protected

I stop thinking of you

I feel love

I feel ease

I feel fine

I am alive


This is the acknowledgement that I know she has long been waiting for

Thank you for your negative energy

Your words of

Your lack of

And I am onto the next one

And I am feeling lighter

I am even smiling


My emotions

My body has never felt so healthy

My source

My desires

My beliefs

My values

My passions



My momentum is picking up

My mind feels strong

My new love Grace

She keeps me in line

It is because of Grace

Not anyone on the outside

That I am alive

I feel nice

I feel clean

The water washes over me

Oxygen fills up my lungs

I feel naturally high

My Grace

She is so beautiful

She is so beautiful

And damn

She is too kind


This is a love song about the past and how I never loved myself

And everyone that took advantage of that

Please keep laughing

Please keep running

Because I will not hide


All the lovely people that pointed when I was wandering the streets of Los Angeles

Look at that fool

He does not even have a job

A house

A car that costs a months rent

She says

And it is not even mine


They throw their money in the garbage.

And they keep getting rewarded?


Hmm? It must be nice

But I do not have the conscience for that

I sure do not have the time


You are a star


Together we are the whole Universe combined

You are so full of thoughts

You are so full of judgment

I sent you a letter when I had not eaten in days

I was on a few prescriptions

I made a call to my past to save me

And then we connected via our minds

And when I finally moved on with Grace you tried crossing our lines


She does not care

Her language does not understand sarcasm

She was brought up not to obsess of money or time

She loves you

I love you

We sincerely pray for everyone even when they will not try to see our side

Fly on butterfly

Fly on little fly

You have been running circles around my ear

But you picked the wrong guy to bite


I leaned back because the book I read even said that I only constructed this fly in my mind

So I write down that I picked you up by your wing

Placed you into a cocoon

Wrap you up

Keep your body warm

Keep your mind cool

Sometimes I still wish I was more like…


And in a week or 2

I awake



My love

Excuse me I am back

My mind was trying to run away

Now I remember



And roots

I am saved


Shh she says

You are back

You are okay


The fly


The fly


It was just a dream she says


Thank you to everything that is good in is world

Thank you for keeping me safe

Thank you Grace

You are the proof that every truth in nature will dissolve every lie

Honesty and unconditional love flow from your coast to my coast

Keeping us always fresh and alive


The colors

The wings

The water

The salt

This fruit



My Angel.


Thank God

The fly turned into you.