Dear Gratitude

Dear Gratitude


I am _______ ________.
I thought that maybe I should write you

Everything is okay
I simply
Do not know what else to do

Overall I think I am a good person
Of course at one time I was a fool

Maybe you could introduce me to an Angel
One that can help me start anew
One that can keep me from falling back into my clouded thoughts
And help me color in the rest sky blue

I am thinking way ahead of myself again
I can stay on the ground
I can keep pushing through
I would not want to skip too many steps
Because our hearts are meant to be in tune

Sometimes patience feels like the end of the world
I have become so complacent

On the upside
I still keep finding words
And I keep praying that you can relate to them

Whenever I feel like I am coming apart and start to take off from the earth

I look down at the ground
And imagine myself surrounded by soft sounds
And attaching to the dirt with my roots

Dear Gratitude

Can you hear me

I think

I need you too


30 January 2016 (12:27pm)